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The Heidi Montag-Spencer Pratt sex tape saga is fishy to say the least. Below are a few of the reasons THG feels it has the makings of a vintage Speidi sham.

Red Flag #1: Speidi’s divorce itself. This is suspect. They heart fame and each other. With The Hills ending, we can see them crafting this real-life “show.”

The separation papers and divorce papers Heidi filed don’t even have the same wedding date on them. Who cares when you’re not actually doing it, right?

Red Flag #2: Spencer’s blackmail. Heidi Montag supposedly does not want the sex tape sold, which Spencer is threatening unless she reconciles with him.

We can totally see Speidi getting freaky-eaky-eaky on video, but we highly doubt Heidi would put out in such a way without thinking this might happen.

Moreover, all parties involved in a sex tape must consent to its release. Stars claim their tapes were “leaked” but always consent in the end – for a price.

Without her consent, the Heidi Montag sex tape would never see the light of day. Vivid knows this, and are allegedly wooing her personally as a result.


Red Flag #3: Their separation. Suspect, along with point #1. While they’ve stayed out of sight (for once), there’s talk that they never really separated.

Despite claims she wants to reconnect with her former self, stay out of the limelight and other nonsense, Radar has another theory as to why she’s MIA.

She’s reportedly been told that Heidi Montag photos would spark more interest if the market wasn’t so saturated with images of her … basic economics.

Heidi didn’t even surface for memorial of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, last week, and has “moved” to Costa Rica … a move that’s beyond fishy.

Spencer claims he is there now to drop off the couple’s dogs, and to convince her to call off the divorce, lest he be forced to sell off their sex tape(s).

We don’t buy it.

Red Flag #4: She lies. Their own stories don’t add up. Heidi denied publicly that the sex tape is real earlier, but privately, she is negotiating to sell it.

She says it’s fake. Vivid and Karissa Shannon, her supposed co-star in some of the girl-on-girl footage contained in the Speidi sex romps, say that it is.

Another source tells Us today that “The tapes exist. There’s more than the one. This is a PR stunt. They will never really sell unless they get desperate.”

“It’s disgusting and vile, but Spencer will do anything to keep his fame, even tempting companies with [the Heidi Montag sex tapes]. Whatever they do, though, it will be together. He is doing nothing behind her back.”

“They are still a couple. They are not really breaking up.”

Red Flag #5: The credibility gap. You can’t take this sex tape saga at face value with people capable of staging their own wedding and undergoing myriad plastic surgery maulings merely to stay in the news. You just can’t.

What do you think of the couple’s divorce?

Does the sex tape even exist?

Which naked romp would you rather watch?