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Less than two weeks after she was hospitalized for a pill overdose, Fantasia Barrino is not in therapy or rehab.

Instead, she’s in front of the camera, explaining the reasons behind her suicide attempt (“I just wanted out,” she tells VH1) and, of course, promoting the new album that just came out.

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America today, the singer said was asked about the troubling incident and replied:

“I think I was just overloaded with everything, with carrying six years of so much. I always take a licking and keep on ticking… it just became heavy for me to the point that I just wanted to be away from the noise… There’s so much that people don’t understand. They just see the glitz and the glamour, and they feel like life is so perfect, but we’re human and we go through things.”

The main things these days have been an exposed affair with Antwaun Cook and a possibly pending lawsuit from his wife, Paula.

But Fantasia insists this relationship was NOT the reason she aimed to take her life on August 9.

“I think everybody feels like I tried to harm myself over a man, but you know I’ve been in a lot of bad relationships,” she said. “I think that had somewhat to do with it because it was so heavy, it was brand new information, I was already going through so much.

“But I think it was just six years of everything, of me holding all that stuff on the inside and not letting it out… I got very, very tired.”

She’s not too tired to talk up her CD, “Back to Me,” or star in a reality show that premieres on September 19, however. Such a confluence of events and publicity has many wondering just how authentic Barrino’s actions have been over the past few weeks.

We’ll leave readers to debate that topic. Below, you can watch Fantasia’s entire interview on ABC and form an opinion.

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