Ali Fedotowsky: Diary of a Secret Alcohol, Drug and Sex Fiend!

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We have no idea why anyone would want to sabotage the image of Ali Fedotowsky. She seems like a really nice girl, and we have no reason to believe otherwise.

Who do people think she is, Vienna Girardi!?

Still, Star claims that before she accepted a ring from Roberto Martinez on Monday's finale, The Bachelorette star's life was a whirlwind of alcohol, drugs and sex.

As documented in the cutie's own diary!

The celebrity gossip tabloid claims the Williamstown, Mass., native's secret cache of letters details booze benders, marijuana, ecstasy hazes and kinky sex moves.

Plus, they have photos of her partying!

This is supposedly Ali Fedotowsky. We're skeptical - and who cares anyway? Ooh, she was doing shots. Major scandal there! Star interns must be working OT!

Don't get us wrong, we can see her letting loose. But does it relate to The Bachelorette's future in any way? And is it really that bad even if it's true (a big if)?

In one of the diary entries alleged by the publication, Ali details a shocking drug overdose scare she had after taking the illegal drug MDMA, a.k.a ecstasy.

“It was really fun at first,” Ali supposedly writes of her pill-popping. “I went downstairs to sleep at 4:30 and sat there until 6:30. I was completely freaking out. I really thought that I was supposed to die. I really thought I would... I was so scared."

No idea how this staggering news will impact her spring wedding.


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Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka
Ali Fedotowsky was a contestant on The Bachelor's 14th season, starring pilot Jake Pavelka. She went on to star as The Bachelorette the... More »
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