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On two occasions, Lindsay Lohan tried to tamper with the SCRAM alcohol monitoring device on her ankle to obstruct its readings, according to new reports.

Lohan’s ankle monitor went off after the MTV Movie Awards June 7. This was not a factor in her recent probation violation case, but doesn’t help her cause.

The troubled little brat earned a 90-day jail term for disregarding the terms of her probation, stemming from her wild 2007 high-speed chase and DUI arrest.

The SCRAM device was a condition of her bail prior to this week’s hearing, not her probation, so the alleged tampering was barred from court proceedings.

Not that its omission did her much good.

Sources connected with Lindsay Lohan’s case say the actress twice placed a foreign object between her skin and the SCRAM to block its alcohol readings.

The night of the MTV Movie Awards, when the ankle monitor went off and showed a .03 blood alcohol level, was one of the times Lindsay tampered with it.

Sources say days later Lindsay tried obstructing her SCRAM again, and the data registered by the SCRAM device reveals tampering on both occasions.

Her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, counters “There are a number of people who were with her who could attest that she never tampered with her bracelet and there are well-documented problems with the SCRAM bracelet and its accuracy.”

LOL. Who are these people exactly Shawn?

Moreover, why would we believe anyone close to Lindsay freaking Lohan, the type of girl who says f–k you to the judge in tiny print on her fingernails?

Lindsay claims, of course, that the profane manicure was just a joke and had nothing to do with the court proceedings. Geez, get off her back already!

Hours after the sentence, Lindsay bitterly complained to friends, calling Judge Marsha Revel “a f**king b!tch” who hates her and was out to get her.

Lindsay insists she does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol and thinks Revel slapped her with the 90-day sentence to make an example out of her.

Works for us if so. Lindsay belongs in