Lindsay Lohan in GQ: Where is the Ankle Monitor?

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Lindsay Lohan recently posed for the German issue of GQ, and we have to admit, looks more or less attractive and even coherent in the first pics released.

The weird thing? There's no signs of her court-ordered ankle monitor - and we know she had it on because it was visible in the behind-the-scenes photos.

Not that it matters, of course, and it's hard to blame GQ for not wanting to distract its readers from an otherwise enticing set of Lindsay Lohan pictures.

But it makes you wonder. How much airbrushing goes on, even when there is no SCRAM device involved? Take a look at Lindsay in Germany's GQ below:

In German GQ
Cave Girl Hunt
Lohan: German GQ Cover
Ankle Monitor is Off!

CAVE GIRL HUNT: Lindsay gets in touch with her primitive side.

As we reported yesterday, Lindsay is reportedly in rehab ahead of the July 20 court date at which she will be officially sentenced for violating her probation.

Hopefully she's allowed to stay there, rather than report to prison.

She faces a 90-day jail term, but by proactively checking herself into a sober living house, which she should have done months ago, she took a big step.

We just hope the judge sees it that way and Lindsay can get well.


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