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Lindsay Lohan is certainly no stranger to being on the receiving end of a body cavity search. But a recent one may have violated more than her morals.

If the actress was subjected to a strip search at Lynwood Correctional Facility, lawyers want her to spill every detail of that experience in a deposition.

Lindsay’s name is included in class action lawsuit that alleges unlawful strip and body cavity searches were conducted by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies.

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of an inmate (not Lindsay Lohan) who recently checked into the jail. But she may be deposed as part of the case.

Lindsay and Bader Image

PROBED: Peeps want to know if Lindsay was, illegally.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs filed a request in Federal Court on Monday to take a deposition from the train wreck while she’s behind bars at Lynwood.

Is there a chance one of the plaintiffs in question could be E! reality star Alexis Neiers, who was recently freed from the same facility as Lindsay?

Neiers was strip searched upon entering the jail.

The suit claims that female inmates at the facility are strip searched in plain view of each other in a parking lot that is neither private nor sanitary.

Sheriff’s officials have said Lindsay was treated just like any other inmate. Does that mean she was subjected to an unlawful body cavity search?

We’ll have to wait and see if she talks, and what Lohan says if and when that happens. But the star is likely to be released from jail by August 1.