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Katie Holmes may be ready for baby #2, but it ain’t happening anytime soon. Don’t let the cover below fool you, this is just boilerplate Life & Style crap.

If you actually read the article, it cites as “evidence” this quote: “It’s just fabulous,” she told Life & Style at an NYC screening of The Extra Man July 19.

“I’m very lucky. Very lucky.”

She is referring, of course, to motherhood, not the fact that she’s pregnant. Which she isn’t. Although she did play into the magazine’s hand a little bit.

BABY #2 IS COMING: For some other person, maybe. We can see L&S’ confusion – touching one’s stomach and liking ice cream are tell-tale symptoms.

Mrs. Tom Cruise has been playing an expectant Jackie O in the History Channel miniseries The Kennedys and is “positively beaming” during production.

In Canada, she’s been “spotted fondly rubbing her prosthetic belly” and cooing over kids on set while spending mother-daughter time with Suri Cruise.

According to the publication, Katie has “made no secret” of the plan to give Suri a sibling. They’ve recycled this quote for four years now. Just saying.

What nonsense. At least they gave Jennifer Aniston the week off.