Bret Michaels: Thankful, Ready to Rock Again!

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Fans that worry about the return of Bret Michaels to the stage - so soon after his hospitalization for a brain hemmorage in April - can rest easy.

That's the message this singer had in an interview with Entertainment Tonight last night. He said:

"I took every precaution. I wouldn't do it if I thought I was going to die. I fought too hard to live. I want to show people I'm healthy. I feel great. I'm thankful for all the well wishes and everything that came my way, but let's get back to having a great time.

"Let's get back to rockin' again."

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During the discussion with Samantha Harris, Bret touched on a couple other topics, including the flak he got for a duet with Miley Cyrus. Excerpts are below:

On leaving the hospital: "After you spend literally what was almost a month and half in three different ICU units, I was done. I was like, ‘I need to get out of here.' It becomes extremely depressing, and what gets me up and going out there is making music and being around my family and friends. That’s an awesome feeling.”

On the Cyrus controversy: "[Miley] came in and sang a really, really awesome harmony to it. And it caused amazing controversy out of nothing. There was all this, you know, ‘How can they be singing a duet together?’ And I said, ‘It’s not a duet. She’s singing harmonies.’"

On getting back to business: “I have a job I love. “Let me tell you, if I had a job that I hated or it sucked, I would’ve milked that brain hemorrhage for another three years. I would’ve gone until the insurance ran out and said, ‘Man I can’t get up.’

“But I’m like, this is what I love to do and I figure if I can do it why not go out there and enjoy myself? And if it mentally helps me to heal, and physically helps me to heal, that’s a good day.”


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