Tiger and Elin Woods' Divorce: Almost Official

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Tiger Woods has another reason to celebrate.

A day after published DNA test results proved he did not knock up Devon James, it looks like his divorce is about to become official, according to reports.

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His legal separation from Elin Woods is imminent, as “They’ve agreed on all the major points,” one source reported. “It’s all been worked out privately."

“When they first started negotiating the divorce, it was acrimonious. Things are now very civil, at least in terms of getting the divorce taken care of."

While the terms of the settlement are unclear, “Both Tiger and Elin are very close to finishing the negotiations and filing and signing the paperwork.”

KISS OFF: The terms of his divorce from the ol' ball and chain nearly finalized, Tiger Woods is almost free to live the dream - play golf and holla at some hoes!

According to Radar Online, Elin Woods switched attorneys a little while ago and that took much of the aggression and anger out of the negotiations.

The couple is no longer (or barely) on speaking terms after attempts at reconciliation fizzled earlier this year around the time Tiger returned to golf.

Things got ugly fast as Elin talked about moving to Sweden with their children, but later backed off. Both Tiger and Elin met with lawyers this week.

The divorce terms are being worked out privately and when everything is done it will be filed in court, and “that day is almost here,” a source says.

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