Jon Gosselin: Stoned Out of His Mind

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This isn't breaking news at all, but it is hilarious: A video of Jon Gosselin stoned last summer with then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman has just leaked online.

If you recall, the two just started dating and were vacationing in St. Tropez, France, with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier. Looks like they had fun.

An insider tells Radar Online, the king of exclusive non-stories, that they smoked spliffs (marijuana and tobacco mixed) and were drunk on champagne.

Jon Gosselin, who was still married to Kate then, took turns with Hailey Glassman filming each other, making cracks about the French and lactose issues.

Hailey Glassman Photo

The trip marked Jon and Hailey's first public appearance together.

When Glassman references her curly hair during a salon mishap she experienced in St. Tropez, Jon interrupts with: “It looked like big Jewish pubes.” Class.

At one point, Jon, with a cigarette up his nose, says: “This is how the French smoke. They smoke so much they put cigarettes in every orifice of their body.”

While there is no paraphernalia or anything, and it certainly matters little if they were actually stoned, their behavior would certainly suggest that it's true.

You can see the rest for yourself after the jump:

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