Happy 4th Birthday, THG!

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Four years to the day. That's when The Hollywood Gossip entered the celebrity gossip world with a single news article. 6/6/06. You couldn't plan it any better.

Fittingly, Lindsay Lohan was the topic of our first-ever story. What a wild ride it's been since - for Lohan and her fellow celebs, for our entire staff and for readers.

To commemorate our four birthday, THG takes a look back at the stars who generated the most buzz on our site for each of our 48 months covering celeb gossip.

Not surprisingly, our girl has made a big splash again lately ...

Still On Probation

Our journey began with LiLo, whose ankle-monitor antics continue to this day.

June 2010: Miley Cyrus. The month is still young, but Miles already looks to have it wrapped up with her edgy, unwilling-to-be-tamed comments and behavior.

May 2010: Kendra Wilkinson. Before she was one of the Girls Next Door, she was a sex tape star. Only now did she leak the tape and feign heartbreak, though.

April 2010: Lindsay Lohan. One of the great train wrecks hit a new low, partying like crazy, bailing on a court date and later being slapped with ankle monitor.

March 2010: Jesse James and Michelle McGee. A poor man's Tiger, Jesse James' and Bombshell's cheating ways - and Nazi pics - were scandalously exposed.

February 2010: Vienna Girardi. The controversial contestant on The Bachelor shocked the world by winning Jake Pavelka's heart - and by still being with him.

January 2010: Robert Pattinson. His popularity is always high. This month, it wasn't a testament to any particular event, but to his widespread, mass appeal.

December 2009: Tiger Woods. The fallout from his Thanksgiving night car crash spilled over into the whole next month, with a dozen-plus affairs coming to light.

November 2009: Rachel Uchitel. One of the biggest sex scandals in history crushed the image of the world's #1 athlete. Rachel Uchitel was Tiger's #1 mistress.

October 2009: David Letterman. The talk show host's affairs with women who worked for him in the past caused big controversy and nearly ended his marriage.

September 2009: Jon and Kate Gosselin. The reality TV couple's already high-profile, public split reached new heights with dueling lawsuits and wars of words.

August 2009: Lady Gaga. Of all the crazy tales out there in the gossip world, the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite pictures and rumors may have the post staying power.

Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite Picture

The image that gave rise to the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors.

July 2009: Michael Jackson. The King of Pop's death June 25 took over the web for weeks as details of his demise unfolded and a new generation of fans was born.

June 2009: Spencer Pratt. His marriage to Heidi on the season finale of The Hills and a ridiculous stint on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here were quite a combo.

May 2009: Rihanna. Chris Brown beat her up months earlier, but it was mysterious, unexplained nude photo leak that sparked even more interest in the superstar.

April 2009: Carrie Prejean. Miss California finished second in the Miss USA pageant, but first in posing for topless photos, and uttering absurd hypocritical quotes.

March 2009: Adam Lambert. Speculation swirled about the sexuality of the eventual American Idol runner-up for months. But no one ever questioned his talent.

February 2009: Melissa Rycroft. She won over The Bachelor - and millions of fans after Jason Mesnick chose her, only to dump her for runner-up Molly Malaney.

January 2009: Natalie Dylan. Shameless publicity stunts are common in this era, but auctioning off one's virginity to the highest bidder? That was a new one.

December 2008: Kim Kardashian. Doing nothing noteworthy but always where celeb gossip blogs and photographers can find her, we can't help but kover Kim.

November 2008: Adrienne Bailon. Nude photos of the Cheetah Girl were leaked but turned out to be a total farce engineered by her agent to gain publicity.

August-October 2008: Sarah and Bristol Palin. The Republican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin dominated news, as did her teen daughter, revealed to be pregnant.

The Palins were, and still are always good for a story.

July 2008: DeAnna Pappas. The Bachelorette's pick of Jesse Csincsak over Jason Mesnick drew outrage. Months later, Jason would cause similar controversy.

June 2008: Jaymes Foster. News that Clay Aiken knocked up a middle-aged woman named Jaymes rocked his fans. In September of that year, he came out.

May 2008: Shayne Lamas. This bleach-blonde airhead was a lock to spark celebrity gossip interest - get dumped within weeks - after winning The Bachelor.

April 2008: Audrina Patridge. The Hills star was already becoming a big deal but a nude photo "scandal" took interest in her to a new level. Ah, "leaked" pics.

March 2008: Ashley Dupre. We deal with lots of attention whores, but few actual whores. The sexy call girl New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer was boning fit the bill.

February 2008: David Archuleta. David, 17 going on 11, won the hearts of millions on American Idol and defeated all but one singer in pursuit of the crown.

January 2008: Adnan Ghalib. Who? The paparazzo who dated Britney Spears, natch! Their relationship fizzled when she was involuntarily hospitalized. Sad.

December 2007: Jamie Lynn Spears. When Britney's lil' sis announced she was carrying Casey Aldridge's baby at age 16, well, we weren't really surprised.

November 2007: Kim Kardashian. We knew that booty was somethin' from the way Ray J rode it. But we're surprised how far she's ridden her 15 minutes.

Vegas Girls

Kim has kome so far since the Ray J daze. Her sisters are famous too.

October 2007: Heidi Montag. Speidi engaged! Heidi and Spencer call off wedding! Heidi and Spencer pose for bikini pics! You name it, we wrote about it.

September 2007: Camila Alves. Upstaging a Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal is no small feat, getting engaged to Matthew McConaughey will do that.

August 2007: Spencer Pratt. A master manipulator, Spencer Pratt has always known he's a celebrity gossip magnet and exploited it like the best of them.

July 2007: Amy Polumbo. This beauty queen's allegedly "raunchy" pics captivated us. Unfortch, the pics were quite vanilla Spread eagle in jeans? Poor.

June 2007: Joslyn Morse. Baseball star Alex Rodriguez was labeled "Stray-Rod" after his affair with a stripper who may or may not have an Adam's apple.

May 2007: Lauren Conrad. Beautiful without trying too hard, The Hills star has been a fixture on The Hollywood Gossip since its inception. We heart her!

April 2007: Olivia Mojica. An American Idol reject whose sex tape brought her back to prominence took the traffic crown from another hopeful. Poetic.

February & March 2007: Antonella Barba. She kind if sucked on American Idol ... and in pics surfacing online of her going to town on some schmoe.

January 2007: Britney Spears. Fresh off a split from K-Fed, Brit went on a binge of drinking, random sexual encounters and clubbing with no pants.

It's really a shame this friendship fizzled fast.

December 2006: Paris Hilton. Disease-riddled. Useless. Always in the news. Back in the day, you could always count on the ho-tel heiress for gossip.

November 2006: Chris Ivery. Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo made a ton of headlines, for some reason, when she got engaged to Chris Ivery.

September & October 2006: Lindsay Lohan. Incredibly, back then, Lindsay was still in the early stages of her downward spiral. Nowadays? Wow.

August 2006: Kristin Cavallari. The former Laguna Beach star was, like, a big deal for a time there. She and Brody Jenner made a hot couple, too.

July 2006: Nicole Richie. At this point, Nicole had not eaten since like 2004. Brody Jenner tried to force-feed her at the urging of Spencer Pratt.

June 2006: Heather Mills. Heather Mills is a big loser, but boy, that peg-legged former call girl and digger of gold was a THG news cow for months.

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