Eleonore Lieven: Key Witness in Lindsay Lohan Case

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The D.A. in Lindsay Lohan’s probation case has a new target: Eleonore Lieven.

Lohan’s former assistant, who up and quit on the actress earlier this month after some tumultuous months trying to stop a slow-moving train wreck, may be called to court as a key witness in the case that could pit the boss against her former employee.

"The district attorney is interested in Eleonore,” a source said. “At the very least, an investigator from the D.A.'s office will be making contact with Lieven."

A decision has yet to be made, but if she is called to testify, sources say "it could be very explosive and could very well go badly, very quickly for Lohan.”

Eleonore Lieven, who was responsible for getting the troubled actress back to L.A. from he now infamous trip Cannes, quit afterward, citing exhaustion.

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Will Lohan's former b!tch turn on her? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

The particulars of that trip, and Linds' excuse for getting stuck in France and missing a mandatory court date, are critical to the D.A.'s case against her.

Lieven spent a panicked three days attempting to ensure the troubled Mean Girls star returned from France, after she claimed her passport was stolen.

The D.A.'s office reportedly "wants to gather specific information about the particulars of when the assistant was notified about the passport missing."

Whether Lindsay has been drinking or not is a separate issue.

The alcohol education program overseeing Lohan's sobriety efforts (term used loosely) was slapped with a subpoena to appear before a judge in the case.

Staff members were ordered to testify at Lohan's probation violation hearing on July 6. At that time, Judge Marsha Revel will determine Lindsay's fate.

If she is found not to be in compliance with the terms of her probation - attending alcohol education classes, chiefly - she may face a stint behind bars.

The ankle monitor she currently wears is a condition of her bail, not her probation, meaning she is free until July 6 provided she abstains from boozing.

Her probation, stemming from her infamous high-speed chase and DUI arrest, does not stipulate she must be totally clean. We know, it's complicated.

We'll see what Lieven, who also lamented working long hours for little pay and Lindsay's terrible attitude, has to say about her former boss if asked.

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