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The court-instituted conservatorship controlling all things Britney Spears is still in effect, but Jamie Spears has backed off her considerably – by choice.

Sources say the Spears conservatorship is essentially a formality at this point, as the singer now makes almost all of her personal decisions herself.

Britney’s dad is the official conservator and has the power to make life decisions for his daughter on almost every level. But lately he has not been.

Due to friction with Britney, Jamie has quite intentionally pulled back and giving back control – where Britney goes, what she does with her kids, etc.

As for when the conservatorship will end? That’s another story.

How long will Jamie Spears maintain control over Britney?

Last year, the plan was to end the conservatorship around this time. Now, though, it looks like the conservatorship will last at least through the summer

Perhaps it was the trailer park bride look that caused the delay.

Just kidding. For his part, Jamie Spears wants to set Britney free and go home to Louisiana, but it isn’t that easy. The court must decide it’s for the best.

A psychiatrist has conducted a new evaluation and is submitting his findings soon. Everyone agrees that Britney has made great progress, so we’ll see.

Oh, but while Spears may be making her own life decisions on a daily basis, the conservatorship over Britney The Business will be in place indefinitely.

What do you think … Free Britney?