The City Recap: Olivia's Lust For Success

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Every reality show, or MTV program posing as one, needs a villain to stir the pot on occasion. On The City, that pot-stirrer is Olivia Palermo, who fills the role to a T.

It's about all she does well in life.

Now that she's working for Elle, Olivia intended to blacklist Whitney Port's new line, Whitney Eve, from the the mag's website in Tuesday's "Friends in High Places."

While we don't believe for a nanosecond that Elle would employ a waste of space like or, or that she'd wield that kind of power, it made for fairly compelling TV.

More original than The Hills, for what it's worth (not a lot, as that show is scraping the bottom of the barrel hard). Here's THG's plus-minus recap of The City ...

Kelly makes sure Whit doesn't get too high on herself, but not in an unfairly bitchy way, telling her criticism can be a good thing. She's a good boss. Plus 5.

Don'cha just wanna hug Whitney?

At Elle, Joe and Olivia are preparing for a shoot with Taylor Swift. Erin tells O she did a good job with her Anna Sui interview. Minus 4 for that obvious, blatant lie.

Whitney gets together a showing for editors, and Roxy Olin actually does some good work for once, helping her pull it together. There is hope for her yet! Plus 3.

Minus 10 for Olivia Palermo acting like she's some kind of hot $h!t seasoned editor and basically lecturing Roxy for calling her so late. LOL. Give it a rest, girl.

Whitney to Olivia: “Wow, you’re like a little journalist.” Plus 8.

Olivia disses Whitney's line, obviously with ruining Whit's success as her only goal. She tells Erin the line was inconsistent and not worthy of inclusion. Minus 7.

Plus 7 for Erin and Joe later overruling her and deciding to include Whit's line anyway, but an obligatory Minus 4 because it just proves how fake Olivia's job is.

Hey, Olivia? It's the Useless Store. We're runnin' outta you!

Zach Hyman and Kelly talk about his idea for guerrilla-style photos of naked people in everyday scenes. That snared Roxy's brief attention span real fast! Plus 5.

Naturally, this being Roxy Olin, it's all about boys first and work second. Minus 3, because while she kept things professional enough, she doesn't get boundaries.

Kelly then assigns Roxy to style Zach's project, which was actually really cool in that she gets to do her own thing totally independent of Whitney Port. Plus 6.

Heavy risk of her blowing it warrants Minus 3 though. Just a hedge.

TOTAL: +3. SEASON: +11.

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