Michelle "Bombshell" McGee: I Have Colored Friends!

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You see the cliched, wildly overused and ineffective "I have black friends" card played every so often by someone trying to diffuse allegations of racism.

The "I have colored friends card"? That's once in a generation.

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Your grandparents' generation. But apparently that's where Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is mentally, because she said this on The Howard Stern Show.

Stern was grilling Jesse James' mistress about all things racist ... her Nazi photos, white power tattoos, whether she dates outside of her race, etc.

Naturally, this resulted in the "I have too many colored friends" card. That's right, not just colored friends ... like, too many for a girl to even COUNT.

$h!t happens when you're a well-meaning, home-wrecking Nazi lunatic.

WHITE SUPREMACIST BOMBSHELL: That's Michelle McGee for you.

When she wasn't confirming that she's a half-wit bigot, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee described how she met Jesse James (MySpace) and gave the details about their first sexual encounter (raunchy, rough and long-lasting).

McGee said James began instigating things by kissing her, and that she only went along with it when insisted he was separated from Sandra Bullock.

Likely story.

Once things heated up, McGee said James ripped her pants and leggings off, which turned her on. She said there was very little foreplay, however, she does recall performing oral sex on him for a short time. Lovely.

McGee said James' "manhood" was merely average, and he made up the "Vanilla Gorilla" nickname about himself to imply it was bigger, although he has "excellent stamina" and they boned up to four times a night, four nights a week.

Safe to say we're not sad about Sandra Bullock divorcing him.


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