Lindsay Lohan Sure Cannes Make a Scene

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Lindsay Lohan partying, throwing drinks and falling over: It's not just for Hollywood anymore. Welcome to the LiLo debauchery club, New York City and Cannes!

The target of Linds' wrath was not Samantha Ronson for once, but model Jessica Stam, although as is often the case with Lohan rage, no one is quite sure why.

At a party at 1Oak, "She was going to move to a table where Jessica Stam, her boyfriend, Aaron Voros, and Sean Avery were sitting, but then she freaked out."

That's when a the obligatory cocktail was thrown.

"She threw a drink at Jessica," a source says. "She seemed upset about Aaron, but they don't even know each other." Yeah ... when has that ever stopped her?

After the cocktail assault, she tried to Jessica and her group kicked out. Security obviously wouldn't agree, so Lindsay left shortly after. Who needs that club!

Lohan Partying

OUTTA CONTROL: Different country, same story for Lindsay Lohan.

The next morning, Lohan headed off to Cannes, but not before doing a strange interview in the car on her way to LAX, and acting more strangely upon arrival.

Upon leaving a yacht party with a mystery man, Lindsay Lohan managed to take yet another tumble and wound up eating pavement. Pretty standard for her.

It looks as if LiLo may have to cut her Cannes trip short, sadly, and not because of her drunkenness and embarrassing conduct ... well, not directly, anyway.

She's got a DUI progress hearing Thursday (and may end up doing time for violating probation), and the judge will decide soon if she must attend in person.

Bank on her ordering Linds' a$$ to show up.


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