Lindsay Lohan Still Allowed to Pop Pills

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Despite Judge Marsha Revel's drug testing requirement and implementation of a SCRAM device, Lindsay Lohan is still allowed to take prescription medications.

If she wants to defeat the ankle bracelet, there's her loophole!

The train wreck has prescriptions for Adderall (a stimulant that treats ADHD) and Ambien. Under the rules of the drug testing program, she can still take meds.

Provided they were prescribed by a doctor, of course, which they presumably were ... and that's not hard to work around, as so many celeb stories can attest.

Lindsay will check in with the L.A. County Probation Department on Thursday and provide the case worker and the court with proof of prescription medications.

Lindsay: Back to Blonde

Lohan is ready to party ... on Ambien! [Photo:]

Hey, you can still get faded and have a heck of a good time with just Ambien and water. Just ask Tila Tequila or Tiger Woods, he of the Ambien-fueled sex romp.

So basically, any prescription that shows up in Lindsay's system during random drug testing will not get her in trouble with the judge. But here's the problem:

Friends, family members and people close to Lindsay - and even Michael Lohan, for that matter - say these drugs are a big source of her woes, not just booze.

In short, Lindsay could pass all drug tests and still have serious issues that have resulted in her ongoing downward spiral in the first place. Way to go, court!

Who will win this epic battle?


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