Elin Woods: Back in the U.S.A.

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After spending two weeks with her family and friends in Sweden, Elin Nordegren Woods and her children – Sam, and Charlie - are back in Orlando, Fla.

Not with Tiger Woods. Just back in Orlando.

Elin Nordegren and Her Children

She's rumored to be starting over in Sweden, and it's clear Elin Woods feels at home in her native country. She and her mother, Barbro Holmberg, celebrated the traditional holiday of Valborg, on the last of April, marking the arrival of spring.

"During the holiday, Elin was seen walking the streets of Gävle with her mom and kids," a source said. "She has had protection by bodyguards 24/7."

What's Elin Woods' next move?

Last Friday, she left her digs in Stockholm with the children to travel north and enjoy the holiday at her mother's large apartment in the Gävle. She was photographed jogging with her wedding ring off along the river Gävlean.

According to a published report in Sweden, security is heavy. When Elin and the children were inside of the castle, the guards were on duty outside.

On Monday evening Elin and the children said goodbye to Holmberg and returned to Stockholm to prepare for their flight back to Orlando.

Will she file to divorce Tiger now that she's back?

No one knows for sure. All that's certain is this: "The next few months will be very interesting in the life of Elin and Tiger Woods," a source said.

"Despite the gossip, the most important thing to Elin is the fate of her children."


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