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Dennis Hopper’s wife wants him dead. And not in a half-serious, “oh, drop dead you jackass” kind of way. According to legal documents filed by the actor’s assistant, someone tried to take the actor out, and the alleged culprit is his own wife.

Emily Davis made the shocking allegation in a declaration filed in Dennis’ epic divorce battle with wife Victoria Hopper, who’s accused of wanting him dead.

Davis claims she and everyone else in the Hopper household were “at the mercy of [wife Victoria’s] cruelty” when Hopper had to be taken to the hospital.

That happened last December, and the assistant added simply that his wife “was trying to kill him.” Emily didn’t specify the alleged method of termination.

Is Dennis Hopper’s wife Victoria trying to off him?

Davis claims Victoria Hopper, who’s been trying to preserve her stake in Dennis’ inheritance, “is a threat to all in the home and has already looted millions.”

The wife’s alleged looting consists of “property that is not hers.”

Dennis’ daughter from a prior marriage, Marin Hopper, who’s actually older than Victoria Hopper, also weighed in, calling Victoria’s behavior “frightening.”

Marin accused her of spreading “slanderous lies” to the media.

Here’s hoping Dennis has some good bodyguards … Yeesh.