Twist of Kate: TLC Announces New Kate Gosselin Reality Show AND Bonus Kate Plus 8 Specials

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Kate Gosselin is officially taking over reality TV.

From the TLC hit Jon & Kate Plus 8, to her current stint on Dancing with the Stars, she's become a staple. Now fans can prepare for an-all new Twist of Kate.

Seriously, that's the name of her new show. As an added bonus, the network will be milking its cash cow to the max this summer with Kate Plus 8 specials.

As the title points out, the Kate Plus 8 specials will focus on her life as a single mom and costar the young Gosselin brood she's now accused of abandoning.

Meanwhile, in 12 episodes beginning this summer, Twist of Kate will feature Kate responding to fan letters from those inspired by her, who apparently exist.

A face that definitely needs to be on TV more often.

According to USA Today, her story is seen by fans a means to profile women in their own challenging situations, and will form the focal point of her new show.

"I look at it as a loose concept," Kate says, stating the obvious. "I just want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can."

She adds, "I don't consider myself an expert on anything."

Kate does, however, steadfastly defend her own parenting, calling Jon Gosselin's attempt to wrest custody away from her a pathetic, desperate maneuver.

In the end, it comes down to support from those who love her: "The fact that people support me and want the kids and I to do well is flattering," she says.

"I never understood the importance of fans until we struggled with tough times."

As for her TV pursuit already in progress, all we have to say is this:

Free Tony.

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