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Tiger Woods’ return to golf certainly lends itself to abundant material for those of us who will never look at the cheating superstar the same way again.

This is taking it to a new level, though.

Earlier, we heard from his late father in a new Tiger Woods Nike ad. It was very zen, geared toward atonement and healing, in line with his Buddhist faith.

Tiger has stressed his Buddhist faith as he seeks to restore his image, but as a pilot proved today, he’s going to be the butt (heh) of jokes for some time.

“Tiger: Did You Mean Bootyism?” read a note trailing behind a small plane circling above Augusta National Golf Club as the sport’s fallen star teed off …

BOOTY CALL: Sadly, not the kind Tiger’s used to from Joslyn James.

The crowd laughed, but it didn’t distract Woods. Not surprising. The guy was juggling like 12 mistresses at once. Just think about the poise, the concentration, the resolve needed to focus on all those lies! He can handle a measly skywriting diss.

THG NOTE: Tiger just eagled the eighth hole. Step off, bitches.

Meanwhile, the anonymous fellow with too much time and money then flew overhead with another banner saying: “SEX ADDICT? YA, RIGHT. SURE. ME TOO!”

The first one was funnier, but we appreciate the effort. As a wise man once wrote, “All men are sex addicts. Some just choose to have respect for their wives.”

Tiger Woods? Not one of them.

You tell him, airplane banner guy!