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The wreckage that is Tiki Barber’s divorce from pregnant wife Ginny Barber amid his affair with Traci Lynn Johnson continues to unravel and entertain.

According to reports, the mistress was lying to her parents telling them that she was Tiki’s “babysitter” while he spent the night … at her dorm room.

We know this, naturally, because the father of Traci Lynn Johnson unwittingly bragged to friends that she was a babysitter for the NFL star’s two kids.

He has two right now, with two more on the way in a month. Classy. 

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Earnest Johnson’s proud boasts made daughter Traci Lynn look good to neighbors at the time … until the world saw her in quite a new light yesterday.

Tiki Barber girlfriend-mistress Traci Lynn Johnson: Celebrity home-wrecker du jour. Somewhere, Jesse James and Tiger Woods are thanking Tiki for the reprieve.

A source who knew Traci at Mount St. Mary College in upstate Newburgh, N.Y., said that Barber won her heart more than two years ago, lavishing her with gifts.

“On her 21st birthday, he sent her 21 dozen roses to her dorm. He also gave her this diamond and sapphire bracelet,” the source said. “At this point, she had a boyfriend, and told him that she and Tiki were ‘just friends,’ but nobody bought it.”

“He gave her and her friends [Giants] jerseys for them to dress up in on Halloween … He would shower her with designer handbags and expensive clothes.”

So he’s basically the anti-Tiger Woods. That dirty cheapskate.

The source said: “he came to the school, and she introduced him to her friends. “At first, we thought he was a nice, sweet guy. Really warm and friendly.”

“But once we realized what was going on, we were disgusted.”

“We never expected him to be so disrespectful to his wife. One night, he sneaked into her dorm and stayed the night. Traci didn’t want to let him out to use the bathroom because she was worried someone would see him and catch them.”

“Traci said that she didn’t expect him to leave his wife, and that [Ginny] was so pretty.” Another former classmate said, “She was not shy about their relationship … She also used to tote around the little white dog that he bought for her.”

Just nauseating stuff right here.

Barber has refused to comment about his relationship with Johnson, but he supposedly took more than a casual interest in Johnson as far back as 2008.

A source said that while she was interning at the Today show, Traci’s boss noticed her going out for lunch with Tiki. The boss told her, “What do you think you’re doing? You’re an intern. I don’t want you going out to lunch with him in public.”

David Letterman would be proud.

“Traci was annoyed, but she realized she’d have to be more secretive if she wanted to see him,” the source said, but in the last nine months, “he’s been showing up around town with Traci. She’s a wild party girl, and is often out all night.”

“When they go out for dinners he takes care of it,” the source said. “And she tells everyone he pays her rent. He seems pretty hooked by Traci. She knows it, and is making the most of it.” (Barber sources denied that he has paid her rent.)

Barber moved out of his Upper East Side home late last year after his wife learned of his affair with Johnson. Barber, who has worked for NBC since retiring from the New York Giants in 2007, and his wife each have retained divorce lawyers.