Lindsay Lohan Bails on Court Date, Likely Plastered

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Lindsay Lohan has bailed on a deposition in the court case in which she's being sued for allegedly holding three men hostage in an SUV. Never a good idea.

The train wreck being sued over the 2007 incident -in which she allegedly hijacked an SUV - with three men and a baggie of cocaine inside. Also not good.

According to witnesses, she allegedly took the wheel and chased another car from Malibu to Santa Monica ... where she was ultimately arrested for DUI.

This morning, Lindsay showed up to a lawyer's office in an SUV, as a passenger with no coke (probably) this time, but there was a scheduling conflict

Lawyers for the three men (and the lawyer for one of the women in the car) wanted to grill Lindsay all day, but Lindsay said she only had a few hours.

What conflict could Lindsay Lohan have? She has no job whatsoever!

Living La Lohan

Lindsay Lohan in a rare moment of (relative) lucidity.

So, after showing up an hour and a half late, Linds bailed without even getting out of the SUV. The plaintiffs' lawyers apparently told her if she wouldn't show up for her deposition for the full day ... she shouldn't bother at all.

No word on when or if the meeting was rescheduled, whether Lohan was drunk at the time (not a bad assumption by any means) or whether she will be in a 5150 hold the next time the plaintiffs attempt to depose her.


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