John Edwards DUI Cover-Up Alleged

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As if his fall from grace weren't complete, former presidential candidate John Edwards is accused of a shocking DUI cover-up by the National Enquirer.

Seems far-fetched, but at this point, we'd almost buy it.

The man has no credibility left, having repeatedly denied accusations by the same tabloid that he had an affair and fathered a child with Rielle Hunter.

Both of those rumors were 100 percent accurate.

It's therefore hard to fully discredit reports that John was stopped by police after a boozy night of partying in March and weaseled his way out of it.

Just when you think John Edwards' image couldn't possibly get worse ...

"John was the passenger in the car of an unidentified woman he picked up at one of the local bars," an insider said. "John had been drinking a lot of wine and asked the woman to drive. She apparently had a couple of drinks herself."

Certainly not surprising that he was out on the singles scene.

On the way to possibly create another John Edwards sex tape (our theory, not the Enquirer's), the cops c*ck-blocked John by pulling the car over.

After she "swerved the car a bit," Edwards, who wanted to avoid trouble, reportedly used his Southern charm - and possibly money - to hush it up.

No word if Andrew Young said he was behind the wheel instead.


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