Gerard Butler: Dating Laurie Cholewa?

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Looks like Jennifer Aniston doesn't have Gerard Butler all to herself.

While he was seen grabbing that booty in Paris recently, setting off rumors once again that he and Jennifer are a couple (or at least friends with benefits), new reports say he struck up a relationship with Laurie Cholewa that same weekend.

Butler met Cholewa, a local TV interviewer, the prior weekend, then returned to Paris midweek for a date with Laurie Cholewa that stretched from day into night.

Sounds serious! Or at least like they were having a nice time.

Has Gerard Butler got his eye on Laurie Cholewa?

The two were seen strolling hand in hand through the French capital, visiting landmarks like the Louvre museum, where they ate lunch at the Café Marly.

They had dinner on the Left Bank that same evening.

A source reports that despite all of the Jennifer Aniston rumors, Butler "completely cracked" for Cholewa during their interview about The Bounty Hunter.

Cholewa, a film reporter, hosts a show on local cable channel, Direct 8. Poor Jen. First the worst Hollywood split ever and now she still can't get a break.

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