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We love Adam Lambert and we admire the enthusiasm and loyalty of his fans.

But we got into a bit of a stand-off with them last month when THG ran a story that said Lambert “ripped” Susan Boyle, referring to her her album as “terrible” and her rendition of “Wild Horses” as laughable.

Supporters of this singer jumped down our throat for misquoting the superstar, claiming we were going after Google hits (via our harsh word choice) instead of the truth. This critique prompted us to pen an editorial in which we told Adam fans to “chill out.”

Since then, we’ve made up… right, Lambert lovers? But we still feel the need to defend our professional integrity and state: Adam really doesn’t like Boyle’s work. In a new interview with The Herald Sun, he was asked about his comment and said:

Adam Lambert and Queen

“It came across a bit harsher than how it actually went down. But I’m not a fan of the record, it wasn’t a lie.”

Let’s all move on now. Adam has. He talked about the perception of American Idol in the same interview:

“[People think] you come off the show and all of a sudden you are put in this machine and puppeted into this product. That’s not my experience at all.

“I’m a pretty outspoken, upfront, forward type of person, and I have opinions about what I want to be as an artist. I told them I want to be glam, be pop, be rock, I want to be everything, blend it all together and have a great time doing it. Be theatrical and be out there.”

That’s certainly who Lambert is – and we adore him for remaining true to himself.