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Chalk this one up for celebrity gossip.

Stars often treat tabloids and entertainment news coverage with disdain, but Katherine Heigl was thankful for a particular Access Hollywood personality last week.

As she was accepting the honor of Female Star of the Year at the ShoWest Awards, Heigl’s dress literally fell apart. Luckily, Billy Bush graciously came to the rescue.

Jennifer Lopez in Bandage Dress
(Michael Wright/

Holding her shoulder strap in place, Bush did Heigl a major solid. Guys everywhere probably wished he weren’t present, however. Thisclose, fellas. Thisfrickinclose.

Katherine Heigl nearly gives the performance of a lifetime.

Thanks to Bush, Heigl, whose exit from Grey’s Anatomy was recently announced, didn’t make a similar departure from her clothing. Billy later Tweeted:

“Oh my, hosting showest awards in LV. Heigl comes up to get award, dress strap breaks… I hold her top on while she accepts!” Summed up rather succinctly.

Heigl’s bare shoulder wasn’t all she displayed at the Las Vegas gala. The star also showed off her new hairdo: The famously blonde actress is now brunette.

Here’s Billy narrowly preventing a Katherine Heigl nude picture …

Resourceful Billy made sure he was the only Bush on display that night.