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Kate Gosselin proved she’s as good at being a diva as she is terrible at actual dancing, but she somehow survived to see another week on Dancing with the Stars

While Kate butted heads with partner Tony Dovolani this past week, wait until you hear what they have planned for next Monday’s episode of the competition.

A Jon-and-Kate-themed dance.

We are totally serious. Tony will be channeling Jon Gosselin as Kate portrays herself in next week’s storytelling assignment. Just let that sink in for a moment:

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They will take her marriage implosion, which made celebrity news headlines for a year, into a high-step dance routine. And you think you’ve heard everything.

If Jon Gosselin makes a cameo next week, we’ll retire.

“It’s my story over the past two years,” Kate said. “We’re very, very excited.” It will be very “Dramatic,” promises Kate. To which Tony replies, “Lots of drama.”

And ratings, most likely. Can Julianne Hough play Hailey Glassman?

Just to make sure we got the point, Kate reiterated, this time with a little more emphasis, that this is gonna be a dance with “Oh my gosh, so much drama.”

As much as we could decry this shark-jumping, contrived nonsense as a low point in reality TV history, it’s actually a pretty genius move on ABC’s part since:

  • People love Kate and don’t want to see her leave the show
  • People love watching Kate humiliate herself on the show

Either way, she’s on the show. Punch her ticket to the finals now.