Eclipse Trailer: Released, Awesome

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When we last left Bella and Edward, the latter had proposed to his shocked, mortal beloved. The New Moon cliffhanger left viewers in wonderment... unless you've read the book series, that is.

Now, the first trailer for Eclipse has been unveiled, delivering a much-desired first look at what's in store for everyone's favorite supernatural couple.

In the 10-second preview below, Edward warns Bella about the choice she's about to make, while Jacob says he'll always fight for her. It's great stuff.

Eclipse comes out on June 30. But fans can get their Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson fix in many ways until then:

  • New Moon arrives on DVD on March 20.
  • Stewart is starring in the upcoming The Runaways.
  • Pattinson's latest film, Remember Me, hits theaters on Friday.
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