TLC Kicks Jon Gosselin to the Curb

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Despite settling its lawsuit with Jon Gosselin and retaining his services legally and exclusively, TLC does not want the douche back on the air anytime soon.

Or at all.

TLC’s parent company sued Jon for breaching his contract and won a preliminary injunction against him in late 2009 before the two sides settled this week.

While the issue of whether or not to bring back Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been discussed internally at TLC, the one component that everyone agrees on is this:


Getting Smoked

SMOKED: Jon has been by TLC. [Photo:]

“TLC is done with Jon. They have him under contract still, but they don’t plan to use him,” a source dished, although it remains unclear if / how Jon & Kate Plus 8 (or just Kate Plus 8) will still be brought back in some capacity.

“The show could come back as a series of specials,” the source said. “It made the network a lot of money.” Especially after Jon began railing Deanna Hummel.

At least in the immediate future, however, the network has no plans to bring the show back right now, and is focusing instead on Kate Gosselin’s new show.

Jon? He's got nothing going on. Terms were confidential, but the lawsuit settlement likely bars him from making money via other entertainment channels.

We just feel bad for Morgan Christie. She's dating Jon for publicity, and between this and general lack of interest in him, it looks like he's going to get less.


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