Rumored Couple Alert: Akon and Ramona Rey

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As celebrity couples go, Akon and Polish singer Ramona Rey was not one we saw coming. Then again, he is Akon. We should never be surprised at his prowess.

The man who inspires us to smack that up on the floor may be bending Ramona Rey over. Sources say they met working on the video for his song "Oh Africa."

Akon and Michael Jackson

He was reportedly "charmed" by her. In Akon terms, that means he's "trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful." Hot stuff.

“When they first met, Akon said to Ramona that she’s beautiful,” a source said.

“When they were making the video, they were dancing together. The last day of filming, Akon said that he will never forget Ramona’s beautiful blue eyes.”

Ramona Rey beware: Akon has a kriminal record.

It seems the relationship is already progressing beyond strictly professional - the singers reportedly arranged to spend Valentine’s Day in L.A. together!

Cue soft, seductive beats of "I Wanna Love You" now ...

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