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Rihanna’s new video is going to be something.

There is a zebra involved, as well as her wearing something resembling a cheesecloth suit made of gold and a leopard print cap. Pretty standard fare.

Donning outrageous fashion only Lady Gaga could compete with, Rihanna appears below in some pics from her upcoming music video for “Rude Boy.”

The Hollywood Gossip

The 21-year-old beauty from Barbados says “a lot of my videos are really dark and edgy and tough,” but this one is more along the lines of her roots.

Those be some crazy roots …

Rihanna is really pushing the fashion envelope with this getup.

The “Rude Boy” music video, shot by Melina Matsoukas (who also directed the video for RiRi’s last single, “Hard”), is scheduled to debut on February 11.

Click to enlarge more Rihanna pictures from the shoot below …