Paris Hilton Really Dropping Hints to Doug Reinhardt

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Paris Hilton is really interested in becoming Mrs. Doug Reinhardt. Why, we have absolutely no idea, but she's making no secret about her intentions.

The hotel heiress has already dropped hints about wanting to marry The Hills regular, but she took it to a whole new level this past weekend in L.A.

"I'd like to thank my future sister-in-law Casey [Reinhardt]," Hilton said from the podium while accepting an award from the Hearts for Hope benefit.

Doug wasn't there, but both his mom and sister - who you may recall from Laguna Beach as a classmate of Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari - were.

Talk about dropping hints: "At one point, Paris reached for Doug's mother's huge wedding ring," says a witness. "She looked like she was in awe."

Doug Reinhardt, you better put on a ring on it!

If Doug Reinhardt does decide to propose soon, we think his family approves.

In fact, the Reinhardts are apparently such big fans of Paris, they'll even pay to hang out with her! Yes, we know, it's really strange to try to comprehend that.

"Paris auctioned off a party picnic at her house for charity, and the bidding went all the way up to $6,000," says an E! source. "Even though Casey can obviously party at Paris' house anytime for free, she went ahead and took the final bid."

In May, Paris gushed that "[Doug's] gonna be my future husband!" They'll be registering at Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel soon it sounds like.

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