Let's Make a Deal: Jon Gosselin Offers to Pimp Out Kids Again if TLC Drops Lawsuit

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Facing a seven-figure breach of contract lawsuit, Jon Gosselin shockingly may allow TLC to film his children again ... if the network ceases legal action against him.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star pulled the plug on the show last fall, citing its "exploitation" of the kids, but really just out of bitterness toward TLC and Kate.

Jon Plus 4

He is staring at an expensive trial as TLC pursues its breach of contract case, claiming Jon Gosselin has cashed in illegally with his countless media appearances.

TLC has already won a preliminary injunction against Gosselin, prohibiting him from engaging in behavior that violates the non-compete clause in his contract.

In short, he's getting screwed, and not in a good, Morgan Christie way.

That being said, Jon is ready to make a deal, and he's playing the only chip he's got left - allowing them to film his children again in exchange for backing off.

This is pretty much our reaction when we see Jon, as well.

Don’t expect Jon & Kate Plus 8 Reloaded, though. A source with knowledge of the situation says the network will never welcome the douche back with open arms.

“You can be sure that if the kids come back to TLC it will be only with Kate, not with Jon," an insider dished. "And there’s no guarantee that will happen either.”

TLC is convinced they can make their new project with Kate work no matter what Jon, who's also on the hook for major child support he can't pay for now, does.

It is also possible that Kate Plus 8 could return as several specials, rather than a regular series. In any case, all the settlement talk is coming from Jon alone.

When you think about it, TLC has little reason to cave. Jon is barred from making money off TV quasi-fame and will likely lose his trial, set to begin this Spring.

Still, his lawyer Mark Heller vows: “You haven’t seen the last of Jon Gosselin.”

Sorry for that disappointing news. Don't shoot the messenger.

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