Tila Tequila Twitter Ticker: Pimping Out Gossip Site, Faking Morning Sickness

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You'll never believe this, but Tila Tequila has posted many messages on her Twitter account over the last 12 hours.

These rants are based around the troubled star's pregnancy claim, as she feigns morning sickness, along with the pimping out of her new celebrity gossip blog.

As the photo at the bottom of this post reveals, the pictires on Tila's lame site look an awful lot like ones published each day by her supposed arch enemy, Perez Hilton. But we'll get to that shortly.

First, Tequila's most recent Tweets, nauseating, exploitive word for nauseating, exploitive word...

  • can't sleep. So I freestyle blog about my thoughts and feelings.
  • I'll blog more when I'm not so tired. I actually passed out half way and woke myself back up 2 blog!
Tweet from Tila

  • LOL....this is going to be funny! You'll love it! Way better than Piggy Perez website... BRB I'm bloggin.....yay!
  • Well what do u guys think I should do right now? U do want to see me exercise my bloggin skills? I can do it right now & show u whn im done
  • so much work to do. Must numb myself in order to keep it moving. There's an Empire to run. My Record Label & My Celebrity Gossip Blog! yay!

Hmmm... for someone that says she hates Perez Hilton, Tila sure copies his amateur, immature style of drawing on photos. Below, Tequila shows just how creative she can be when writing about Stephanie Pratt:

Perez Wannabe

Drawing a penis on a picture? It doesn't get much funnier than that!!!

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