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From the third season premiere of an Emmy-winning drama, to another terrible installment of Heroes, TV fans were treated to many hours of programming last night.

Which stood out the most? Our friends at TV Fanatic has recapped and reviewed every notable episode. Click on the links below to catch up and/or get a unique take on various shows…

  • Glenn Close and Damages returned, with one whopper of an ending!
  • Be grateful this season of Heroes is almost over.
  • Has House really changed? Last night’s episode implied as much.
Jesus Is Fearing for the Hilltop Colony on The Walking Dead
  • After a lengthy hiatus, Greek is back on ABC Family.
  • Each episode of Life Unexpected cements this show’s series recording status on our DVR.
  • We welcomed Kristin Kreuk to Chuck.
  • Renee Walker is starting to make Jack Bauer look like a wuss on 24.