Robert Pattinson to Collaborate on an Album with Simon Cowell?!?

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We know two things about Robert Pattinson:

  1. He can act.
  2. He can make women everywhere swoon.

We also know the star doesn't have a terrible voice, but does that mean he's prepared to make an album?

Sources tell London's The Sun that none other than Simon Cowell has approched Pattinson about recording a CD. This has even led to a rumored bidding war between companies vying to put out Robert's album.

But an insider claims the actor, who plays piano and guitar, is unsure about delving into another industry:

"Robert is reluctant to be turned into a pop star - and takes his music very seriously. He is a bit wary of signing up with Cowell who is, of course, associated with X Factor and pop."

He's also associated with creating worldwide singing sensations, but it's not as though Robert needs help in that area. He's on the verge of becoming a true movie star.

Giant Star
Simon C.

There's no way Simon Cowell has given the thumbs up to a Robert Pattinson album... right?


I totally hope he makes an album...soon! I don't really care who approched him or didn't, just so sombody does! Anyway, I was looking for Rob gossip and I got it. What's up with all the tabloids? No rumors... boo! lol. And his sister sings, I had to search and search and found some of her stuff on I-tunes.


haha, I love how you say he doesn't have a bad voice, he has an AMAZING voice and would make a record that was ten thousand times better then the ones topping the charts now a days. But the Simon Cowell shiz is Bullshit, gossip cop already busted that story


how funny is this story...this move would absolutely nullify Rob's hope of legitimizing his acting career. He already has a hard tome breaking away from his vampire history.....

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