Dude Suing Lindsay Lohan Over Car Accident

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That didn't take long. The photographer who claims he was "almost killed" in a car accident with Lindsay Lohan's driver this weekend is already threatening a lawsuit.

Good thing Lindsay has a team of attorneys on speed dial.

"Of course I'm going to sue them,but I don't care about the money," said the celebrity gossip photographer, blatantly lying as visions of dollar bills dance in his brain.

As we reported Sunday afternoon, Lohan was in the car during a crash and her driver is a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.

A Crazy Bitch

TROUBLE FINDS HER: Lindsay Lohan may be sued by some dude her driver hit. We can't imagine it's the first time, nor the last. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

The photographer, perhaps exaggerating things, claims he is "lucky to be alive" - especially because her driver was wearing sunglasses driving in a dark alley.

As Lohan left Hotel Cafe, the paparazzo was allegedly struck by the car, which reportedly did not stop. The photographer was treated for a hand injury.

He added, "I want to press charges so badly ... she's going to jail."

Mmmmyeah no she's not, but thanks for playing, jackass.


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