Jon Gosselin Wants Hailey Glassman Prosecuted

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It looks like talk of a truce between Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman may have been premature. These two really don't seem like fans of one another.

Despite plans for the warring parties to sit down and settle their differences over Jon's recent apartment trashing, it looks like that's now off the table.

According to Radar Online, Jon changed his mind and wants to prosecute Hailey Glassman for trashing his NYC apartment and destroying his property.

Both sides said last week they were going to meet and try to resolve their differences, but Jon has decided he does not want to let Hailey off the hook.

He says she ransacked his apartment, stole items and left a note speared to his dresser with a butcher knife. Hailey alleges that Jon roughed her up.

New York police are still investigating the situation.

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Peace talks between these warring parties are off for now.

Hailey Glassman's lawyer confirmed the new development in the peace talks failing through: "They never called, so we are moving forward," she said.

Jon's attorney Mark Heller was with investigators this past Friday as they inspected the apartment, which he found ransacked shortly after Christmas.

Reportedly, a Japanese chef's knife speared through a note and stuck into the top of his dresser appears in a photo taken of the New York residence.

In other news, Morgan Christie is apparently dating Jon for reasons unknown. Her relationship with the douchebag may have prompted Hailey's rage.

That's just us speculating, mind you, but he started dating her around when his pad got trashed, and she was supposedly with him when he found it.

Makes you think ...

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