Lindsay Lohan in Yet Another Car Crash

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It's never too shocking when one of Hollywood's top train wrecks gets into a car wreck. What is shocking? Lindsay Lohan was neither drunk, nor driving!

Following a late night out Saturday, the alleged actress and fashion designer was involved in a car accident, an LAPD rep confirmed to E! News Sunday.

"Her car was involved in an incident last night. A report was generated," the rep said. "There is an investigation. That's all we can confirm at this time."

Lindsay Lohan was not behind the wheel of the BMW that hit a celebrity gossip photographer while leaving The Hotel Cafe, according to a TMZ report.

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OLD HAT: Another day, another car crash for LiLo.

Her driver is reportedly under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon, but the troubled 23-year-old is reportedly in the clear ... for a change.

For Lohan, automotive woes are as familiar as getting robbed, feuding with her family, epic fights with SamRo or a night out partying with no pants.

Last May, she was riding shotgun when her driver crashed into a wall outside a hotel. In 2007, she battled both DUI charges and car chase charges.

Where will the train wreck crash next? Stay tuned!


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