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First, Virgina. Now, the entire country!

Caressa Cameron was crowned Miss American 2010 last night, beating out a field of 52 other contestants and pocketing $50,000 for the honor.

In June, Cameron earned the Miss Virginia title on her fourth attempt. At the time, the 22-year-old communications major said her platform would focus on AIDS education.

“I lost an uncle to AIDS, and my family also helped care for a foster child with juvenile AIDS,” Caressa said. “I really think our school systems do a wonderful job educating students about AIDS. But young people have developed an apathetic attitude toward this disease and feel this can’t affect them.”

Mario Lopez hosted last night’s annual event in Las Vegas. Miss California took first runner-up, while Miss Louisiana rounded out the top three.

Below, watch Cameron take on a Beyonce single during the competition.

Caressa Cameron Does Beyonce