Best of Celebrity Photos: January 23-29, 2010

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Welcome to THG. Below are some of the many celebrity photos posted on our site over the past week, accompanying a crazy week of rumors, news and gossip.

Many of your favorite stars are likely featured in the thumbnail gallery below. Click to enlarge some of the pictures here, then follow the jump for lots more ...

EW Outtake
Vienna Girardi Topless
'Bucks Run
Greg Oden Nude
Sweaty and Sexy
Tenley Screams
A Nice Rihanna Pic
Sliced and Diced Pretty Hard
At Her Home
Linda Hogan Picture
Gilbert Arenas Mug Shot
Pauly D Poster
I'll Take You Back!
Hot Kelly Osbourne Pic
Brooke Picture
Simon C.
Paula Photograph
J-Woww Pic