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It took us longer than usual – because Hollywood week started taping later on a later date than past seasons – but our American Idol sources have come through yet again:

They’ve uncovered the names of most of the 24 season nine finalists.

Shockingly, General Larry Platt and his viral classic “Pants on the Ground” did not make the cut. But the following contestants did, and you’ll see them all in Hollywood on February 9:

Lee DeWyze
David Duke
Andrew Garcia
Chris Golightly (pictured)
Tyler Grady
Benjamin Honeycutt
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Alexander Lambert
Michael Lynche
John Park
Jermaine Sellers (pictured)

Read on for the names of the female hopefuls that will be judged by Ellen DeGeneres and company in Hollywood.


Lacey Brown
Michelle Delamor
Katelyn Epperly
Ashley Rodriguez
Lilly Scott
Katie Stevens
Haeley Vaughn
Janell Wheeler
Maddy Curtis