Adam Lambert Crushes on Chace Crawford, Teases Guest-Starring Gigs

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For a few hours a couple weeks ago, there was a rumor that said Adam Lambert would appear on Glee. It was quickly shot down.

However, the singer has made it clear he'd be open to appearing on various TV shows, especially if he could gaze into the eyes of a certain shaggy-haired CW star on one of them.

“As long as I can do a scene opposite Chace Crawford, I’d be happy,” the former American Idol runner-up recently said. “I just want a couple moments where I can just look and be like, hmmmm. Just some eye contact and I’ll be really happy.”

Lambert on Gossip Girl? Who wouldn't pay to see that?!?

Hot Chace Pic

If he can't land that gig, Adam has a couple other ideas:

1. True Blood: “Maybe this vampire was an underground performer at clubs like Fantasia or whatnot and he’s part of a new movement of vampire that is in the public eye and isn’t afraid to embrace his vampire nature onstage and off."

2. Weeds: "I’d either be very sober and against the lifestyle just to kind of be ironic or I’d be like a drug dealer or something. I just would want to go to two extremes of things that I would never be."

What TV show would you most wanna see Lambert guest star on?

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