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Mindy Lawton, Tiger Woods’ mistress (#5 of seven as of this posting, with the full count almost certain to change), may or may not have been rear-ended by the golfing legend, but she definitely rear-ended a car in January and got a DUI!

Lawton, who went public over the weekend with all sorts of crazy sex details about Woods, was involved in a car accident while intoxicated earlier this year.

According to the police report, she rear-ended one car, which then smacked into another, resulting in charges of one felony and one misdemeanor count.

Law enforcement sources gave Mindy Lawton a blood test and she had a BAC of .187, more than twice the legal limit, landing her in jail. Pretty standard.

Lawton is due in court early next year.

She may be innoncent until proven guilty there, but as for charges of banging a guy whose wife was pregnant and cashing in, we’re convicting her on all counts!

If nothing else, this minor article helps differentiate Mindy Lawton from Tiger Woods’ other mistresses. She can now be “the plain-looking one with the DUI arrest.”

It’s also one of the few Mindy Lawton pictures in existence as far as we know. Granted, it’s a mug shot, so probably not what you’re looking for. But hey, beggars looking for images of girls Tiger Woods nailed can’t be choosers, as they say.