Meredith Baxter Comes Out as a Lesbian

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Meredith Baxter, who played Elyse Keaton on the hit 1980s series Family Ties, came out of the closet this morning as a lesbian, saying it happened "later in life."

Baxter, who's been married to men three times and has five children, revealed on the Today show that she has been in a relationship with a woman for four years.

"I'm a lesbian mom," she says.

The couple lives an "out" life together in L.A., but it had been an open secret of sorts, as she had yet to comment publicly on her sexual orientation until today. 

Meredith Baxter Pic

Meredith Baxter says her children have been nothing but supportive.

Possible reason for the timing? The revelation comes right as National Enquirer released a story saying Baxter recently went on a cruise with 1,200 lesbians.

Meredith Baxter, 62, said the thought of being gay "had never crossed my mind" earlier in life, but at the same time, "I was never comfortable with myself."

We're glad that she is now.