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As we reported yesterday, Cori Rist was rumored to have had an affair with married dad-of-two Tiger Woods. She did not confirm or deny the allegation.

Well, two separate New York tabloids ran cover stories featuring Rist this morning, “confirming” her as the sixth Tiger Woods mistress (and counting).

As for where the New York Post is getting nine, it’s including a former porn star, Holly Sampson, and two as-yet-unnamed rumored flings of Woods.

That’s weak, but they were clearly itching to to make that Back 9 joke for days, which we can understand, and let’s be honest, it’s probably true.

Tiger Woods Celebrates
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If you’re Tiger Woods, and clearly you’ll do anything that moves, what’s the difference between six affairs and nine … or nineteen?

Cori Rist joins an illustrious club of Tiger Woods mistresses.

So who is this Cori Rist chick? According to reports, she is a “Manhattan club-goer” who had a six-month fling with Woods after they met at club Butter last year.

After meeting his latest piece of tail, he allegedly booked Cori into plush hotel suites next to where he was staying, before sneaking her into his pad at night.

Friends say she moved to New York because she was determined to become a fashion model, but the closest she got was modelling swimsuits in catalogs.

She eventually got her big break: Sleeping with Tiger Woods.

Cori Rist was married once, to Neil Santos, but they divorced in 2008 after six years of marriage. They are still battling in court over custody of their son.

Sounds like a class act. Then again, compared to these trashy Jamie Jungers pics, she seems to be par for the course (booo!) for sleazy Tiger Woods.

Sorry, Tiges. Your chances of keeping a lid on your many, many mistresses are slim to none. We doubt Cori Rist will be the last to come forward, either.