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As we reported a few hours ago, a fourth Tiger Woods mistress, Jamie Jungers, has come forward with her story of sleeping with the living golf legend.

The World #1, who apparently led a sex-crazed double life, had been ­married just nine months when he seduced Jungers at a Las Vegas party in 2005.

Over the next 18 months, Jamie Jungers met Tiger for sex in his California residence surrounded by wedding ­pictures of Woods and Elin Nordegren.

Tiger Woods Celebrates

The revelation comes as sources in Las Vegas suggest that the disgraced icon may have had ongoing flings with four additional women in Sin City.

TMZ reports that another former lover of his in Orlando is getting ready to come forward as well, which would make nine Tiger Woods mistresses in all.

Guess you could say he played nine holes! [crickets]

As for Jamie Jungers, she met Tiger Woods at a party at the Bellagio Hotel. He sent across a messenger to ask her to join him and his entourage.

They totally had sex that night.

But Tiger wasn’t the only adulterous sleaze that night. Jamie was ­cheating on her own fiancé, ­businessman Derek Schmidt, “a massive Tiger fan.”

“I had Tiger Woods memorabilia all over my house and I even collected Tiger Woods videos,” Schmidt told the Mirror (UK). “Oddly, on the night Jamie met him for the first time, I had just bought the new Tiger Woods computer game.”

Schmidt said his fiancee admitted meeting Woods that night in Vegas but insisted nothing was going on. He later found out otherwise, however.

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“I was surprised because I knew he was married and I didn’t think he was that type of guy. But I trusted Jamie. We had been engaged for over a year by then – having first started dating in 2002 – and were head over heels in love.”

Jungers told Schmidt that she and Woods exchanged numbers innocently: “We even called him together and listened to his voicemail,” he said.

“I thought it was pretty cool. I told my colleagues. I had no idea my fiancée had slept with him the previous night. Now I feel like a total idiot.”

Over the following months Jamie began making trips to ­California to meet Woods, and “staying out late at night and travelling a great deal.”

Derek said it was only after he split up with her in 2007 because of her partying and vanity that he found out about her affair with Tiger Woods.

“Now, I know the truth, it makes me ­really mad,” he said.

Woods also reportedly had flings with cocktail waitress Jamiee Grubbs, New York socialite Rachel Uchitel and Vegas club worker ­Kalika Moquin.

Other Tiger mistresses we may hear about soon enough ­include a “trailer trash” neighbor in ­Florida and some “sex hungry” wealthy woman.

Derek, who is now engaged to another woman, said: “I think Tiger is a great ­competitor on the golf course, but off it he is a horrible person.”

Yup, we’d say that pretty much sums it up, Derek. Here’s Tiger Woods’ most recently-unveiled piece of tail, Jamie Jungers