Judge to Joe Jackson: Take Your Objection and ...

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The judge in the Michael Jackson estate case nixed Joe Jackson's latest round objections to the star's will and to its executors, saying MJ's dad has no legal standing.

Basically, he can't object because he's not named in the will anyway, and his claims are, well, baseless. John Branca and John McClain will be appointed executors.

According to legal papers filed by Joe Jackson yesterday, Michael Jackson never signed his will, dated 2002, and the named executors have committed fraud.

There was a clerical mistake in the will, which we talked about a few weeks back. The document indicates Jackson signed the will in L.A., yet he was in NYC.

It was in fact signed in New York and the witnesses saw Michael put pen to paper, one of them just wrote L.A. instead of New York. The will remains valid.

Joseph Jackson Pic

Joe Jackson will stop at nothing for headlines.

But Joe insisted this was no mere clerical mistake and that his son never signed the will. Joe Jackson claims John Branca and John McClain should be booted as administrators because they concealed what Joe calls a "fraud."

What did he hope to gain from this? Probably just an allowance.

Joe claims Michael fired Branca in 2003 and believed the attorney embezzled the music icon's money "illegally into off-shore accounts in the Caribbean."

The judge wasn't having it, though. Thankfully.

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