Molly McNearney: Dating Boss Jimmy Kimmel

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Jimmy Kimmel is totally going David Letterman on us. Minus the $2 million extortion scandal and being in a relationship with someone else, that is.

After parting ways with Sarah Silverman, his girlfriend of five years, in March, the late night host rebounded with staff member Molly McNearney.

Jimmy Kimmel Photograph

He has been dating McNearney, a longtime member of his staff on his ABC show, which is apparently still on the air, for several months now.

Kimmel's rep has confirmed the news, too!

While the relationship may draw comparisons to Letterman's recent scandals, an insider says, "during work hours, they keep things professional."

That's good to hear. Now if only Molly McNearney, who has been writing for the show in 2006 could write the guy some funny jokes sometimes.

This is Molly McNearney, we think. It's not entirely clear if this is a picture of her, but that's what our sources tell us. Either way, she's dating Jimmy Kimmel!

Letterman may not have a problem being funny, but his long-running affair with Stephanie Birkitt recently came to light - when he admitted it.

That affair landed him in hot water, both with Birkitt's boyfriend (and Dave's alleged blackmailer) Robert Halderman and his wife Regina Lasko.

Regardless, here's hoping Jimmy and Molly keep making each other happy, and kudos to him for going public to stave off any possible criticism.

Ben Affleck, who Kimmel declared he was f*%king in a hilarious music video directed at then-girlfriend Silverman last year, has no comment.